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We install recycled asphalt driveways, hardstands, access tracks and service roads throughout the Greater Geelong region – and beyond!

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Installing a Recycled Asphalt Driveway or Hardstand is a great way to transform your property while cutting down on dust, mud and maintenance.

Recycled Asphalt surfaces are also up to 75% cheaper than traditional asphalt and compared to the other mediums, like concrete or brick paving, recycled asphalt is a smart-money choice for larger-sized projects.

Easy on the budget and the environment!

We have highly skilled and experienced specialists equipped with the latest techniques as well as state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best gravel hardstands at very competitive prices. Our team specialises in providing the highest quality hardstand material and services for small-scale commercial and residential projects in Geelong and nearby locations.

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Two Coat Seal
A Bitumen Spray-Seal is a combination of sprayed bitumen that waterproofs the road – driveway or car park followed by a wear coat of aggregate. Different aggregate sizes are selected depending on the intended use of the surface Each of the 2 coats of bitumen and 2 coats of aggregate are laid at different rates specified by the contractor or engineer to meet the correct requirements. There are many different ways to carry out a bitumen seal with a multitude of bitumen types, spray rates, aggregate sizes and so on. A seal must be designed for your specific site considering the type of base, traffic volumes, life expectancy just to name a few key points. A bitumen spray seal can be done as either single coat seal or a Two coat seal.

Driveway Blacktop Sealer 
If you have an asphalt driveway you can make it last longer and keep it looking attractive by sealing it annually, or at least every few years.
Seal coating is a job that the team can do for you. We offer inexpensive black top sealant solutions.
Blacktop sealer has the ability to fill small cracks in your driveway so that so water doesn’t infiltrate and cause greater damage.
In particular in the Victoria area where we get more rain, it’s important to look after your driveway to get the longest lifespan out of it. This is where our black top sealant comes into play.
Even if your driveway has a few cracks, after 10 or more years the gravel base under the blacktop can get corrosive. When a blacktop driveway is new, it’s as black as a moonless night because the asphalt cement has coated all of the sand and stones in the mix.
Over time, this very thin coating wears off and you start to see the color of the stones and sand.

Reach out to us for a site visit and quote.  PH | 1300-483-092

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QUALITY & EFFICIENT WITH QUALITY-ASSURED WORKMANSHIP – We, over the years, have been successful in building an impressive list of clients all thanks to countless projects delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality workmanship.

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HIGHLY SKILLED & EXPERIENCED TEAM OF SPECIALISTS – We have a team of industry professionals with years of skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a wide range of earthworks and construction projects with the highest level of speed, efficiency, quality.

WELL-MAINTAINED STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT & HEAVY MACHINERY – We come fully equipped and can provide a fleet of the best heavy machinery and vehicles as well as wide range of top-of-the-line equipment to fulfill different types of projects.

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