Geelong Construction Transport Service

ETC Group provide reliable and fast construction transport and material movers getting everything you need from A to B safely, efficiently, and hassle-free. Our pristine fleet is rigorously maintained to perform at its best and is always well-presented (white trucks just means we wash them more often!)

Efficient Building Materials Delivery & Removal

Get the building materials you need delivered on-site and unloaded by drivers who know what they’re doing (these are rare!). ETC Group have an impressive fleet of trucks from small to heavy, all designed to lighten your workload.

Construction Equipment Movers

Watching your construction equipment being transported shouldn’t bring back the eye twitch you had when you were driving through the 14th ‘road work ahead’ sign on your last trip to Melbourne. We know how important expertly transporting your equipment safely and efficiently is to you and your projects. Our fully insured fleet of state-of-the-art equipment trucks and trailers are built for purpose and transported by fully licenced drivers who provide the utmost care at every logistics level.

Our Geelong Fleet

  • Tipper trucks
  • Heavy duty semi-trailers
  • Tray trucks
  • Tipper trailers
  • Roller trailers
  • Plant trailers
  • Sure Weld trailers
  • Washer trailers
  • Fuel trailers

Why choose us?

QUALITY & EFFICIENT WITH QUALITY-ASSURED WORKMANSHIP – We, over the years, have been successful in building an impressive list of clients all thanks to countless projects delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality workmanship.

FULLY LICENCED, INSURED, QUALIFIED & ACCREDITED – We have all the required licences, permits, qualifications, and accreditations from industry and government authorities so you can trust us to follow the strictest safety protocols and the highest quality standards. We are also insured up to $20M public liability.

HIGHLY SKILLED & EXPERIENCED TEAM OF SPECIALISTS – We have a team of industry professionals with years of skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a wide range of earthworks and construction projects with the highest level of speed, efficiency, quality.

WELL-MAINTAINED STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT & HEAVY MACHINERY – We come fully equipped and can provide a fleet of the best heavy machinery and vehicles as well as wide range of top-of-the-line equipment to fulfill different types of projects.

Contact us today on 1300-483-092 for more details.