Civil Earthmoving & Bulk Earthworks Services

In one phone call to ETC Group, you’ll engage earthmoving contractors who know what you need, turn up on time and nail it the first time, and move the earth (literally and figuratively) to deliver top tier service to your civil construction projects. If you’ve got it in bulk, we’ll move it in no time.

Civil Excavation Services

Digging safely, efficiently, and with laser precision is what ETC Group are known for. Watching us clear, prep, and level your site is like watching The Matrix for the first time – a work of art. Our skilled operators behind our state-of-the-art equipment are the best in the business and consistently deliver pristine results to civil construction projects across Geelong and surrounds.

Tree and Land Clearing Services

If your civil project needs a blank canvas to start building, ETC Group’s tree and land clearing services can wipe the slate clean and leave your site neat, tidy, and ready for development. Trees and tricky landscapes are no match for our equipment and talented operators who have cleared more sites than a teenager clearing their browser history.

Landscaping Services

Are you after landscaping results that make onlookers peer through their windows with envy? ETC Group are the architects of Geelong residential and commercial landscaping, delivering masterpieces within budget and on schedule. Our landscaping execution is flawless with master craftsmanship and decades of experience. We won’t settle for anything less than perfect, and neither should you.

Pier Hole Digging Services

Give your project the solid foundations it deserves with ETC Group’s pier hole digging and drilling services. We dig deep to provide Piering that sticks to the plan and budget and creates the stability you wish you had in your early twenties.

Rock Breaking Services

Unwanted rocks can make a hard project even harder and can be more stubborn to move than a 6”7 guy in a mosh pit. ETC Group have the toughest rock breaking equipment in Geelong and surrounds, making the demolition and removal process a breeze so you can get back to making progress.

Recycled Asphalt Installation Services

Recycled asphalt driveways, hardstands, access tracks, and service roads are the environmentally conscious and cost-effective alternative to brick paving, concrete, and the dirt roads that make your vehicle embarrassingly filthy (don’t even mention the potholes).

ETC Group are laying the path to immaculate recycled asphalt projects in Geelong and surrounding regions with a range of material and installation options to suit your style and budget.


Two Coat Seal

A bitumen spray-seal that waterproofs the surface followed by a wear coat of aggregate available in varied sizes to suit the surface’s function and usage.

Driveway Blacktop Sealer

Sealing your recycled asphalt driveway with a blacktop sealer (every 1-3 years) that can fill small cracks to reduce water penetration, improve aesthetics, and extend driveway lifespan.

Site Cut Services

Site cut excavation services for residential and commercial projects is a job for the pros, and our decades of experience and results have earnt us a top place as Geelong’s most sought-after site prep contractors. We leave every site so neatly and efficiently cut and clean you’ll think it’s an Instagram filter.

Topsoil Supply Services

Top project results rely on excellent quality topsoil supply that comes in on time and on budget (and with all the soil intact instead of on the highway). ETC Group are the best partner in the field for residential and commercial property owners, managers, builders, real-estate agents, construction companies, and landscaping firms to supply, deliver, and lay down quality topsoil.

Land Remediation Services


Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse

We believe that landfill is full enough. Our sustainability pledge holds us to account in recycling, repurposing, and reusing as much material as we practicably can to actively reduce the amount of waste material going to landfill every day.

Why choose us?

QUALITY & EFFICIENT WITH QUALITY-ASSURED WORKMANSHIP – We, over the years, have been successful in building an impressive list of clients all thanks to countless projects delivered on time, within budget, and with the highest quality workmanship.

FULLY LICENCED, INSURED, QUALIFIED & ACCREDITED – We have all the required licences, permits, qualifications, and accreditations from industry and government authorities so you can trust us to follow the strictest safety protocols and the highest quality standards. We are also insured up to $20M public liability.

HIGHLY SKILLED & EXPERIENCED TEAM OF SPECIALISTS – We have a team of industry professionals with years of skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a wide range of earthworks and construction projects with the highest level of speed, efficiency, quality.

WELL-MAINTAINED STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT & HEAVY MACHINERY – We come fully equipped and can provide a fleet of the best heavy machinery and vehicles as well as wide range of top-of-the-line equipment to fulfill different types of projects.

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